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Some people never use their bathtubs and they are more decorative than useful.  Other people use them every day.  Regardless of your approach, your bathtub can look beautiful and enhance how you feel about your home.  Reglazing or refinishing your tub can bring back all the original beauty.
The process is the same to refinish a Standard Bathtub, a Garden Tub or a Jetted Tub.  If there are low spots that collect water and will eventually (or maybe already) cause rust, we fix them first.  If grout is missing we regrout those areas and we repair cracked and chipped bathtubs and tiles before we start with the refinishing process.
A bathtub can take as little as a few hours the first day with an hour of detail work the second day if there is no damage.  Our technicians are highly trained craftsmen who take pride in their work.  Every effort is made to always act professionally and to treat each customer with the respect they deserve.
Our process for refinishing a bathtub is similar to any other surface we would refinish.  We first make any necessary repairs.   Then we do a deep cleaning so the coatings adhere to the surface.  We then add a bonding agent to fuse the coatings to the surface.  We then apply the epoxy based primer, apply the acrylic based coatings and accents.  The final step is the clear coat.  Most bathtubs are high gloss white, so we return the following day to polish and buff them to maximize their beauty.
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