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Refinishing Tile Floors

Are you tired of looking at the same builder grade tiles you’ve had for years?  Or maybe the grout just can’t be cleaned anymore and you can’t stand to look at it.  Or maybe there are cracks in the tile.  Or maybe you’re already updating the rest of your bathroom and you don’t want the old, tired tile floor to detract from how the rest of the bathroom looks and feels.

The process we use is the same as if we are refinishing a bathtub, shower, countertop or any other surface.  We do a deep cleaning- basically an etching process so that the coatings will adhere to the surface.  Then we apply a bonding agent to give the coatings additional adhesion so the coatings will fuse to the surface even more than they would otherwise.

Our technique maintains the integrity of the tile so that it still looks and feels like tile.  You can still see the grout lines- without ever having to worry about the grout.  And cleaning becomes even easier.  All you do is spray on a non-abrasive cleaner – or even just vinegar and water and wipe it off.

You will be happy with the way your resurfaced floor looks and feels.  And you will be even happier when you can clean it and don’t have nasty old grout staring back at you.

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