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Shower Refinishing

Grout can be old and stained- no matter how much you clean it.  Your shower might be just outdated and remind you of past centuries.  Maybe tiles have cracks or holes and make you feel like your home is in disrepair. Good news!  We can make your showers look new again.

Low spots can develop over time.  This can lead to water pooling and then causing staining and rust if not fixed in time.  In general, most of these issues can and should be addressed before any refinishing work is done.  If it is not done, the problems will just come back.  The water will pool again and the refinishing work will get damaged.
To address this, we fix any low spots in the shower pans to make sure everything is draining properly.  We regrout all areas that are missing grout in order to make it even throughout.  In addition to this, proper prep work involves masking up everything that is not being resurfaced.  Paint South Florida Refinishing Technicians take every precaution to ensure that any possibility of damaging a customer’s property is minimized.

This includes the air too.  The technicians are trained to set up proper ventilation and to vent the bad air outside to avoid overspray and to minimize the discomfort of the residents. Once the preparation has been completed, we complete the resurfacing process with a bonding agent, followed by epoxy-based primer and acrylic-based coatings.   We typically recommend a semi-gloss finish, but we cater to all tastes.  We can add Slip Resistant Surface (SRS) to make the shower pan less slippery and safer for all.

The showers will look new again.  You won’t remember being so happy in your own shower.  Many people choose to change out the old shower doors for the new glass doors for an even more contemporary, modern look.
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