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Replacing a vanity can be a big expensive job.  If the mirror is on top of it you may have to remove the mirror.  And then maybe the light fixture.  Also, most homes are built with the tile installed up to the skirt of the vanity.  So when you replace the vanity the footprint will be different and you might have to retile the whole floor or add tiles to build up the floor- and then good luck getting that to match with the rest of your bathroom floor.   And hopefully, you won’t have to touch the plumbing while you are moving from the old vanity to the new one.

An easy and cheap way to handle this dilemma is to resurface or refinish the vanity countertop.  It moves your look from last century to modern.  It dresses up the bathroom and makes the whole room look and feel newer and cleaner.
Our counter refinishing process is the same as with the other surfaces we refinish.  We use a combination of epoxy and acrylic to give the countertops a durable and beautiful new look.  And the cost is a fraction of the price of removing the old vanity and replacing it with a new one.
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