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We do all kinds of repairs on bathtubs, showers, floors, etc.  Whether someone dropped something hard on the tub or tile and chipped the ceramic or if somehow a crack developed in a fiberglass tub or shower pan, we can fix it, often leaving it better than new.  If there are cracks in the tiles we fix them and make them smooth before we put the coatings on.  When we’re finished you might totally forget there was ever any damage there. 

Typically repairs are done along with a refinish.  OIn addition to any repairs that are done up front, we also regrout the tile wherever necessary.   Depending on the situation,  it might make sense to do a stand-alone repair without a refinish.  We will always give you the full information and let you make the best decision based on your own situation. 

Even low spots in bathtubs and showers can cause problems.  Water can collect leaving stains or rust.  These low spots need to be addressed before any refinishing work is done so that the problems don’t come back as soon as the refinishing is done.

 Sometimes cracks will appear in fiberglass tubs due to the fact that they were not properly supported when they were first installed.  We drill holes in the bottom, support it properly with foam and then rebuild the bottom with fiberglass.  We then complete the process by refinishing the shower pan or bathtub.  The result is a tub that looks like new and has been properly reinforced so you can rest assured that the problem won’t come back to haunt you.


We have done commercial repairs where we have cut out slivers of shower pans and repaired and resurfaced them in order to relieve stress when the pans expanded with the heat.   We have repaired diverter holes from ADA-compliant showers that were cut into the wrong side by the builder’s team.  We can drain water from under a tub that has been leaking and collect water and repair it so that it’s fully functional again. 

While we are not plumbers and don’t touch plumbing we fix many non-plumbing bathroom issues.  Call us and see how we can add value for you.

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