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Shower Repairs

Refinished Shower Pan
Over time, bad things can happen to good Showers.  Rust can form near the drain.  Grout can get so dirty that no amount of cleaning products work anymore.  Tiles can crack or chip. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how it happened, you want it fixed so you are comfortable in your own shower.
If the shower pan is fiberglass and has a crack in it, we can fix it.  This could be just a small aesthetic crack or it could mean that water is leaking below the shower pan, which could eventually lead to mold and major deterioration if not addressed in a timely manner.
Many times the towel racks that are in the shower will break, leaving the shower looking ugly, and having rough edges.  Aesthetically these look terrible.
Or the tile can get cracks or holes.  We fix all these issues before any refinishing work is done so we are putting the coatings on top of a nice repaired surface and after the resurfacing work is done, you can’t even tell there was ever any damage there to begin with.
Typically most repairs are done along with a refinish.  We also regrout the shower tile walls and pan whenever and wherever necessary.
While we are refinishing the showers, many people will choose to upgrade to Slip Resistant Surface (SRS) for safety reasons.  No one wants to slip in a shower, and just a little texture applied while we are refinishing the showers can make the shower floor that much less slippery and dangerous.
We have done commercial repairs where we have cut out slivers of shower pans and repaired and resurfaced them in order to relieve stress when the pans expanded with the heat.   We have repaired diverter holes from ADA compliant showers that were cut into the wrong side by the builder’s team.  We can drain water from under a tub that has been leaking and collecting water and repair it so that it’s fully functional again.
The bottom line is that we can  make you happy and comfortable in your shower again- without breaking your bank.
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